Sparkling crimson bride

She shines. She shimmers. She sparkles. It’s her love affair with diamonds. Delicate two-string necklace in diamonds layered with necklaces in emeralds and diamonds, in a succession of growing opulence. A grand effect mimicking the peacock spreading its feathers. Paired with matching earrings, bangles and rings to compliment the allure of the bride.

Design style
Open Set
Design number
Diamond type
Brilliant Cut
Crimson Bride Collection
  • Tiara Bangles
  • Elizabethan Sparkle
  • Sparkling Bride
  • Sparkling Crimson Bride
  • Traditional Temptation
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  • Dazzle
  • Empirical Eloquence
  • Diamond À La Mode
  • Chandelier Sparkle
  • Carved Perfection
  • Glory & Glamour
  • Nature’s Bounty